INNOVATION LAB will be established to foster Design Thinking and Innovation amongst underprivileged children by providing them a sustainable program with right tools and progressive curriculum to learn new technologies through 100+ experiments and enable them to build/make new solutions for the challenges impacting the society.

The Core objective of this CSR initiative supports 4 C's of 21st Century Skills

  • Enhances Collaboration - Group Activities
  • Improves Communication Effectiveness - Share thoughts and Ideas
  • Increases Curiosity & Creativity - Find alternates by Trial and Error
  • Enhances Cognitive Thinking - Hands on learning
  • Enhances Cognitive Thinking - Hands on learning


The Setup

Proposed Setup

A Lab to accommodate 50 students at a time

Lab Area    : Use Existing Science Lab  
IT Infra : 10 laptops/desktops/mini computers
Internet : Wireless/Wired – Speed preferable 1Mpbs

The Research Hardware

A Explore it Yourself Research Hardware
• with ~200+ electro-mechanical components
to explore 10+ technologies & Skillsets 

• The hardware can be re-used multiple times between different student groups 

Basic Softwares for Coding

Our experiments are crafted to make learning fun and innovative. We have carefully chosen the software which will enable the learning experience of children to go from basics to advanced.

Progressive Curriculum

This is a progressive learning curriculum, to address K-12 and Higher-Ed students. The curriculum encourages, computational & design engineering thinking. The learning path is structured in various levels, that adapts a progressive learning methodology. The curriculum designed under the guidance and mentorship of Industry & Edtech experts, is divided into three stages – Curiosity, Collabrative, and Creativity

The TECKLAB curriculum with 100+ Experiments is hosted in an integrated online learning platform, that enables digital learning, accessible anywhere.


The students carry out many experiments in this learning journey.
The curriculum imparts at least 100 experiments to be performed by the learner, which covers over 10 different technologies and various skill sets.
A sample of the learning that a student undergoes, is depicted below.

Sensor Based


Program & Develop

Automated Gadgets

Autonomous/Electric Vehciles

Inside the Box

200+ Components to Explore


As a STEM Accredited Organization, the team of Vingyani’s keep the Tecklab platform always abreast to cater the needs of students based on the recommendations from industry & accreditation bodies. New exercises, challenges, technologies, tools are identified for problem solving. We take 360° feedback from learners, which includes new innovation ideas.

Awards, Partnerships & Accreditation